The New Vinyl Album - Winter 2023/2024 Release  

The Ground Work is being laid for a New FCF of Funk Vinyl Album for Winter 2023/2024.

It is long over due, but it will surely be worth the wait I promise!

The Vinyl Album "COLOR ME" will contain 5-6 brand new tracks with some special guests on Side A

The rest of the double album will be previously released FCF of Funk Songs.  

Be on the lookout to pre- order yours soon...

New Limited Edition CD Single for Sale...... you're gonna love it!  

New Limited Edition CD Single Available Now.... 

Featuring Two Songs Recorded in 2013, but never released on CD 



Order on Line on the Merch Page or contact us at for details. 

Not a lot of copies available so act quickly! 

Featuring Brady Clampitt on Vocals and Guitar, Ninos Khanania on Bass, Tom Rowe on Sax, Joe Senger on Drums / Mandolin / Acoustic Guitar and special guest Eric Brigmond on Keys

"Friends of Funk Duo" Show Added featuring Brady Clampitt and Joe Senger 

New Date added for the Sandbar in Fernandina Beach. Friday October 9th.

The Sandbar is a great place to put your toes in the sand, have some great food, drink an adult beverage and enjoy the ocean views.

Come on out and party with us.

Social Distancing is good, Tables outside, and Masks are required to go in and out of the venue/restroom.

FCF of Funk Merchandise for sale as well.

We take Credit Cards.

"Friends of Funk Duo" Show featuring Brady Clampitt and Joe Senger  

Come on out to the Sandbar in Beautiful Fernandina Beach Florida for a Funky Reunion.

It's been a while since Brady and Joe took the stage together, and they plan to have some fun for sure.

Playing some Funk, Soul, Blues, and Rock. And also some First Coast Friends of Funk Originals.......

One show planned right now, but we'll keep you posted Sat. 8/29 5:30-9:30 PM.


Click for Sandbar info

Leaf Records Limited Edition FCF of FUNK 45 - Now Available 

We are Releasing a Limited Edition 45 Vinyl Record 

Featuring "She Don't want no Tambourine" (side A-Jax) and "Funk in my kitchen" (side B-More) 

Originally released in 2011 on the Never Too Late CD. We had a Bonus Track on that CD from Joe Senger's Band "LEAF". 

Back in 1982 Leaf released a 45 record called "Foodstamps" (side Funk) and "How do I know" (side Rock) 

It has been 35 years since the release of that LEAF Food Stamp 45 record, 

and it just seemed like a good time to release another classic. 

The official release date for the 45 Record is Valentines Day 2/14/18  

order now on the Funky Merch page on this website.

The record features the original songs and members from the 2011 disc. 

Joe Senger - Drums, Bass, and Vocals - Original Funky Drummer from LEAF - Food Stamps

Brady Clampitt - Guitar and Vocals 

JDash - Keyboards and Vocals - The WOP

Tom Row - Sax 

DeeJay Capone - On Deck 

Patrick Evan McMillan - Vocals 

So be on the lookout for this really cool Limited Edition 45, and you know DJ's buy doubles so get ya two.....

New EP Coming in Fall 2018 - Color Me 

Looking to get back in the studio some time this summer to record a few New Cuts...
Hoping for a Fall release and some shows.

"Color Me" the title track, "TSIR", and a some surprises as well.

With some familiar faces, and the new to you crew.

project delayed until 2018

Coming to itunes very soon "The Distractions" - Dry Water (2000) with New Unreleased Bonus Track! 

Originally released in 2000, a little before the iTunes craze. The York, Pa. group "The Distractions" put out their one and only CD/EP.  titled "DRY WATER"

The CD was an eclectic group of songs with various styles to show the versatility of the band. Track one "The Jones in Me" was a modern rock tune which had a little edge to it, Track two "Solecells" more of a Pop/Soul groove type thing, Track three "Dry Water" The title Track had a alterative feel with traces of Rock, Dance, and Country vibes, Track four "Guardrails in Heaven" was a ballad, and Track five "Don't get behind" was a cool Pop Crossover, very danceable. A mix of different feels from three different Soles.  

The New Downloaded album will Feature a New Previously Unreleased Track called "So True" Recorded in July 2, 2014 as sort of a reunion for the band. We recorded Chad and Beth's parts at in Harrisburg, Pa. at "The Green Room" on Front Street. Drums and Bass were recorded at A1A in Jax Beach. The tune is scheduled to be remixed later this month with Daryl Phenneger and will be released in September with the Dry Water Album Release on iTunes, 17 years from the original release in 2000.






The Original CD featured Beth Jones on Vocals, Chad Flaharty on Guitars/Banjo, and Joe Senger on Drums/Bass. The tracks also featured some guest including Joe's Brother Billie Senger on Lead Guitar, Full Tilt Horns (Harley Felton, Jeff Love, and Ron Woomer), Gio Liquefatto on Keys and Hammond, Mark Surles on Sax, and Jim Ebersole on percussion. All songs written and Produced by Joe Senger and Recorded at 60 Second St. Studios in York, Pa. by Mike Watert (engineer)

Keep an eye out for it on iTunes in September.... Hard copies with be available at, or contact us through the FCF of Funk page for CD details.

(Joe Senger) - "I just thought is was time to get the songs on iTunes, its a diverse group of songs and every album tells a story of your journey in music. I really enjoyed working with Beth and Chad, and I hope they enjoy reminiscing the songs and being able to share the sounds" The Track we did in 2014 is cool as well, can't wait for you all to hear it....... "So True"


Joy Dennis - New Album/CD "The Listening Party" 

The long awaited CD from Jacksonville's own Joy Dennis - I gotta tell ya, from the opening track "The Listening Party" Featuring JDash. the whole CD is packed with Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, and Fresh Funkiness..... This is a two CD set, and you will find yourself grooving and dancing all day long.

The CD is packed full of Talent, Joy wouldn't have it any other way... Jay (JDash) Johnson who performed and produced quite a few tracks on the project, "Top Shelf People", and John Parkerurban to name a few.

There is even a Bonus Track from First Coast Friends of Funk - "First Down on the 1" which we are honored to be a part of the project. The song features Joy Dennis on Vocals, Joe Senger on Bass, Drums, and Percussion Programming, Danny Bedrosian - Keys, and Jesse Cruce on Guitar. This track originally appeared on the FCF of Funk "Up Yo Game" release, and we are looking to put out a club/dance mix soon, just in time for Football Season!

So a big congrats to Joy on the New Shit, I dig it and I'm sure you will too!

Check out for details on how to get the new stuff.....

PS, shout out to Daryl Phenneger on the Recording and Engineering of this project, nice work bro!


Retrophonics This Time........ 2018 

Update - Project delayed until 2018, looking at a Fall 2018 release and shows.

Well studios are important, and their are great ones all around Jacksonville. First CD "Never Too Late" was recorded all over Jacksonville in Garages, basements, and out houses but salvaged and Mixed by Stan Martell and he killed it, the next couple tracks  (Leave Me Lonely and It's Alright) were recorded at A1A by Delaney Lewis, then later mixed by Daryl Phenneger. The "Up Yo Game" CD was recorded in several places including A1A, Danny's Home Studio in Tallahassee, Jesse's Dad's Studio in Palatka and Daryl Mixed this as well. The sound is smokin and Daryl is the Man as well.

I really dig working with all these guys, all of them are very good at what they do, and I see myself coming back to them again. But this time is different..... I want nostalgia, real tape, real flow..... 

Where do you do it , where do you go.

Well to be honest, I wasn't sure until a few months back when I attended a benefit for Retrophonics Studio.

It was a great night to see the local music biz come together to help out a pioneer in the field, Jim DeVito.

I really thought about my plan to record in more of a live format this time, giving the rhythm section more feel and tightness. And to just jam with these guys, and do some Live Shows... it's been too long.

Thinking this over, I said to my self, let's do it at Jim's place. I have recorded there before with a Rock Band "747" , Brady has, Jesse has, Ninos has worked with Jimi as well, and almost everybody has been through the place I think, at least one time or another. 

By the way, Brady/Jesse/Ninos/and myself is going to be one tight ass rhythm section.... just sayin.

There will be some cool guest spots as well, we'll see what happens musicians are fickle LOL.

Working on some preproduction now, hope to start rehearsals in Early August..... More to come!