Leaf Records Limited Edition FCF of FUNK 45 - Now Available

We are Releasing a Limited Edition 45 Vinyl Record 

Featuring "She Don't want no Tambourine" (side A-Jax) and "Funk in my kitchen" (side B-More) 

Originally released in 2011 on the Never Too Late CD. We had a Bonus Track on that CD from Joe Senger's Band "LEAF". 

Back in 1982 Leaf released a 45 record called "Foodstamps" (side Funk) and "How do I know" (side Rock) 

It has been 35 years since the release of that LEAF Food Stamp 45 record, 

and it just seemed like a good time to release another classic. 

The official release date for the 45 Record is Valentines Day 2/14/18  

order now on the Funky Merch page on this website.

The record features the original songs and members from the 2011 disc. 

Joe Senger - Drums, Bass, and Vocals - Original Funky Drummer from LEAF - Food Stamps

Brady Clampitt - Guitar and Vocals 

JDash - Keyboards and Vocals - The WOP

Tom Row - Sax 

DeeJay Capone - On Deck 

Patrick Evan McMillan - Vocals 

So be on the lookout for this really cool Limited Edition 45, and you know DJ's buy doubles so get ya two.....

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