Joe Senger's Discography

CD Single Released 10/10/2020

Originally released on iTunes only in 2013

1. Leave me lonely

2. It's Alright

Written and Produced by Joe Senger

First Coast Friends of Funk Limited Edition 45 Record

Side A - Jax        She don't want no tambourine

Side B - More         Funk in my kitchen

35th Anniversary Leaf Records Limited Edition 45


Joy Dennis - The Listening Party 2017

Bonus Track - FCF of Funk - "First Down on the 1"

Written and Produced by Joe Senger


FCF of Funk - Up Yo Game 2015

1. Psychology
2. Still ain't as bad?
3. Funky Cheese Pie
4. Up UR Game
5. First Down on the one - Featuring Joy Dennis
6. Losing my Senses
8. Take me away from here "LIVE"
9. Funk in my kitchen "LIVE"
10.Up UR Game - Buckman Bridge Mix
11. Still ain't as bad? Radio Edit
Written and Produced by Joe Senger



LEAF 45 RPM Reissue 2014

(Fraternity Remasters)
Side Rock - How do I know
Written and Produced by Billie Senger & Joe Senger