New Artwork Pending.....

Hey Y'all, getting closer to the release, got some art proofs back today and pretty excited.
I dig the vibe fo sho!


Tracks are complete - Listen to them now....

Thanks everyone for keeping in touch and asking about a release date for the New Music. I have uploaded the New Tracks to the website to listen to and you can also purchase right here from the site. The actual…Read more

Up Yo Game - UPDATE

Whad up Funky Peeps....

Just a few updates on the New CD, as far as completion I do not have an exact date, However I do have several dates this month to lay some finishing vocals and some dates the
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New Tracks taking shape.....

This past weekend Keyboardist Danny Bedrosian laid down some killer tracks on "Funky Cheese Pie", "Psychology" , "Aint as bad as it usta be", and "Up Yo Game"
The tracks are smokin, and Danny showed why he tours with the…Read more

Like it's been forever...

We are going back in to A1A Studios to lay some tracks next week, Guitars, Vocals....
Gotta get these couple tracks done fo ya....

The New CD's Artwork by Sergio Lazo

 We have joined up with a great Artist "Sergio Lazo" for the upcoming EP titled "It's Alright"
The painting above is titled "Sunset" and was created in 2009 by Sergio,
I noticed it on his facebook page and knew it…Read more

Back in da Studio @ Jax Beach

Well we are back in the studio @ A1A in Jax beach working with Engineer Delaney Lewis on 2 new tracks for a summer EP release.
The CD will include the 2 new studio tracks "It's Alright" and "Leave me…Read more

SuperFest, a great time.... Studio to come....

We had a great time performing @ the Jacksonville SuperFest, and we would like to thanks the entire staff and Greg Bruce for making the dream happen.
We'll post some photos when we get them.
We are also planning on…Read more

Line up Changes and Superfest Update

Hey, Hey,
We are getting ready for Superfest and we have finalized the Line Up for the Fest, it is....

Joe Senger - Vocals, Drums, Bass, and this show will feature Joe on Guitar & Mandolin for some new trax…Read more