June 11th Freebird Show Update

What's up Party People.....

We are sooooo looking forward to the show at Freebird June 11th.
My friend of funk and fellow Guitarist Brady Clampitt will be doing a set of his Originals as "The Brady Clampitt Band"
We just did a taping for Your Jax Music TV show this past Wednesday with The Brady Clampitt Band and it Rocked.
Just so you know, a couple of the members in FCF of Funk also support Brady in his Original Project Tom Rowe on Sax,
and myself Joe Senger on Drums, we also had a special guest Will Montgomery on Keys who is playing with FCF of FUNK as well.

So if you haven't already, get yo tix, and tell a friend, Doesn't have to be a Friend of FUNK, but when they Leave, they will be..

Click here fo tix

Peace, JS

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