Up Yo Game - UPDATE

Whad up Funky Peeps....

Just a few updates on the New CD, as far as completion I do not have an exact date, However I do have several dates this month to lay some finishing vocals and some dates the first of March to mix down.
I was hoping for a Birthday release by March 19th, but It may be closer to April Fools Day....
Not sure if the Vinyl will be completed by then but we will see?

What I do know finally are the tracks that will appear on the CD and Record.

Tracks 1-4 feature Danny Bedrosian on Keys (Parliament-Funkedelic / Secret Army) Jesse Cruce on Guitar (Aerial Tribe/Sentropolis ) Joe Senger Vocals, Bass, and Drums)
These 4 Tracks will also be released on 12" Vinyl fo da FUNKY DJ's round da world...haha!

1. Funky Cheese Pie
2. Up Yo Game
3. Psychology
4. Still ain't as bad as it usta be

Tracks 5-7 Jesse Cruce on Guitar (Aerial Tribe/Sentropolis ) Joe Senger Vocals, Bass, and Drums)

5. First down on the one
6. Losing my Senses

Tracks 8-10 Recorded Live for CW 17 by Don Ringhofer for Your Jax Music
Joe Senger - Vocals, Drums, Bass, Nick Khanania - Bass, Tom Rowe - Sax, Eric Herrin - Guitar, and Will Montgomery - Drums, Keys

8. Take me away from Here - "Live"
9. Did you hear what I said - "Live"
10. Funk in my Kitchen - "Live"

There are some more guest that will be appearing, TBA very soon......

I am also in the process of releasing a CD Single of two tracks that were previously only available on I-tunes Featuring Brady Clampitt on Vocals and Guitar, Joe Senger - Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Nick Khanania - Bass, Tom Rowe - Sax, and Eric Brigmond on Keys.
Recorded in 2013, the music was somewhat put on hold due to relocation issues and never got the props it should have.

1. It's Alright
2. Leave me Lonely

So a pretty big spring coming for FCF of FUNK music, I am looking forward to the releases of the new stuff and some somewhat new to you stuff.

Peace and Keep on FUNKIN.......... JS

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