Tomorrows the big show.....

Hope to see everyone at Freebird tomorrow, most of the time, the people that tell you they are coming "do not show",
and everybody you think is not coming show up?

So let's make a change, if you said U R comingĀ or commited, bring yo ass to Freebird, if you said maybe not, I will leave you alone,
Because I know you are coming........ hahahaha.

But it will be a great show, and I am looking forward to meeting everyone before and after the show, bring some cash.
CD's, Shirts, and download cards will be available for purchase....

Merch At the show

FCF of FUNK CD's - $9
FCF of FUNK Shirts - $12
Buy one of each $20

Download Cards - $6
Buy 2 Shirts, get a download Card FREE!

We may also have some limited addition posters from the show for $5,
if you love us that much, we'll include a download card for $5 as well.

That's $10 for the poster & download card, not bad?

Thanks FCF of FUNK

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