FCF of FUNK Update Time is flying.... it's almost FUNK in my Kitchen Turkey time...

Just an update on what has been happening.
Returned to the A1A Studio last week and laid down some killer tracks for two New Jams for the upcoming 
"Up Yo Game" CD/LP
"Losing my Senses" is a powerful Funky blues groove with some pretty cool lyrics, and
"First Down on da 1" is an upbeat anthem to make any Football fan clap and dance for a First Down!

Got a good bit of work to do and still looking forward to some cool surprises, sorry we keep extending the date, but that's how it goes.
I am actually looking forward to a Spring 2015 release, I don't want to rush this project, and I am enjoying taking the music to a new level.
Not that the last recordings were not loaded with talent, because they were. But I think these songs are more Funktional and these songs are fo sho an extention of the "Never Too Late" Debut. The last recordings I took a different direction, and I love the songs but I am really happy to get back to the Core Values of FCFofFUNK which is FUNK haha!

Also looking to releasing a Vinyl 12" Record as well, Vinyl is back and I have had huge support with the DJ community in the past and look forward to presenting a cool 12" that can get spins in the clubs from NY to London, and all around the world.... It's the Hip thing to do, but I am truly doing it for all of the supporters of the "Food Stamps" track that really took off after some of our old 45's from Leaf were selling on Ebay for $100 a copy. They are looking for a follow up to spin!
LEAF Reissue on Fraternity Records, Buy it on line....

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